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Ring of Life

Zombie Story

Interests: Cosplaying, Anime, Writing fanfiction and drawing my own manga (but I'm lazy to draw the backgrounds, 99.9% of the time)

Cosplay history:

D.Gray Man
- Zombie Arc Allen Walker
- Allen Walker version 3 (default)
- Allen Walker version 3 (Crown Clown)
- Moving Arc Allen Walker (Crown Clown)
- Lenalee Lee version 1 (Default)
- Lavi (dreamscape)

- Kagamine Rin (Trick and Treat)
- Meiko (Tsugai Kogarashi)

Zombie Loan
- Akatsuki Chika (default)

More about me:
Name: sky_ciel is the only thing I allow others to call me via LJ. Otherwise I'll be very confused if people keep referring me to me real name, especially if I never seen their faces.

Age: currently 20 years

Studying?: OF COURSE!!! I'm in eBusiness, Information Technology

Working?: nope |D

Friends: half the time I insult people. who still wants to be my friend? <=)
cosplaying, messing with random codes, writing