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[sticky post] *brings a padlock*

*whistles* Do I need to say more? ;D

Before I die of heart attack once more, I'll repeat this:

To add me, comment HERE with your name that I'm most familiar with. Then you can add me =3
Trading Cards for sale

Note: images may stretch the screen. Not recommended for dial-ups

I accept:
- local bank transfers (but lol, I mean, people usually buy small amounts and it's somewhat weird to send a few dollars)
- meetup and cash on delivery
- PayPal (recommended for overseas people)

I live in Singapore, so my local currency is Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Trading Cards
Side Note for meetups:
I'm usually nice enough to travel all over Singapore, but that's only Saturdays. Other timings on other days, please confirm.

To reserve card(s), do comment which volume, which cards you want and I'll get back to you. OR you can email me at x_katherine3 AT hotmail DOT com. Always double check if there's a '3' at the end of 'katherine' (trust me, LOTS of people make this dumb mistake =A= )

Trading Cards

Note: images may/may not be accurate (yes, screw PB -_- ) actual stock count is listed with the prices at the bottom

D.Gray Man TCG11 loose cardsCollapse )

D.Gray Man TCG7Collapse )

D.Gray Man SCC vol 3Collapse )

D.Gray Man: Dream of DCollapse )

Pokemon Special (a.k.a PokeSpe)
This is the FAQ for SPPF people.

PokeSpe FAQCollapse )

Sticky number THREE: Fics Compilation

One Shots:
*(Forbidden Game)*
*(Winter Rabbit)*
*(Go Google It, Moron)*

Haunted *(1)* . *(2)* . *(3)* . *(4)*
100 LaviYu Themes *(1)* . *(2)* . *(3)*
Distant Wishes *(1)* . *(2)*
Alice Human Sacrifice *(Alice of Spades)* . *(Alice of Diamonds)* . *(Alice of Cloves)* . *(Alice of Hearts)*
Crush: *(1)* . *(2)*
FLE *(1)* . *(2)* . *(3)* . *(4)* . *(5)* . *(6)*


Summary: The land of Poker has always been peaceful, until dissonance and greed caused war and bloodshed. 6 of Spades Rosso Arancia learns the hard way that the dead do not return and power causes corruption
Genre: Fiction, AU, Fantasy, Drama, Angst, Tragedy, Spiritual...
- Card terms used
- Human cards
- Possibility of insanity
- Girl x Girl
- Haven't thought of a good title (brain, work before I stop giving you sugar)

‘… And that concludes the textbook on the history of Poker,” Kyle reported.Collapse )

Full House - typically a hand made of K, Q, J A and 10. Here, it means the K, Q and J of all 4 kingdoms.
Poker: ... I'm brain dead so I can't actually think of a sophisticated cultured name for the land
Spades: the highest in the food chain  the military power Poker. They create weapons and martial standards used in Poker. Of course they don't sell the latest ones to other kingdoms... Situated in the South
Clubs: Second highest in terms of economy. They specialize in industrialization, manufacturing, mining, blah. They're rather self sufficient. Situated in the North
Hearts. Highest in terms of economy. They specialize in Science and Technology and all the electronics and stuff. They're rather reliant on Clubs for materials. They came up with a way to sustain food circulation when Diamonds went into recession
Diamonds: Lowest in terms of power and economy. They went into recession two times due to insufficient fertile ground and backward technology. Their pride refuses to let them ask Hearts for help due to a falling out some decades ago.


Roll of Honour

This is for those who were the early birds XD

1. GABRIEL CHAN. 10.30PM, 30th Jan. SMS (seriously!!! I was reading the message twice and looking at the clock)
2. Rabit, a.k.a PAPA, 12AM, 31st Jan. SMS (well, it was 12am on my phone |D)
3. Kezia. Forgot what time. 31st Jan, Twitter
4. Mouse, 12AM, 31st Jan, SMS
5. Chunfong. Forgot. 31st Jan, Facebook
6. Poke, 31st Jan, Facebook (surprise, surprise =___= )
7. Kaen, 31st Jan, SMS
8. Bentoh, 31st Jan, Facebook
9. Tenma, 31st Jan, Facebook
10. Jun, 31st Jan, Skype (LOLLOL WAI YOU ANNOUNCE BIG BIG D8)

11. Mido
12. Xem
13. Don Lyre Tan (whoever it is)
14. Chiru
15. Zelmer
16. Kaii
17. Haru
18. Justice
19. puu-chan
20. SD. A.K.A GREEN, A.K.A N, A.K.A QUEEN OF WTF-ISM (proof is on my wall U_U)

(My) Fanfic Awards

Most Amount of Words: Prophecy Girl  (Pokemon) [22,525]
.: 2nd: (as of now) Opposing Sides (Pokemon) [8,657]
 .: 3rd: Go Google it, Moron (D.Gray Man) [6,736]

Most Amount of Reviews: ... Prophecy Girl (Pokemon) [35]
 .: 2nd: Beyond Limitations (Pokemon) 13] , Roles Reversal (Pokemon) [13]
  .: 3rd: Drugged (Pokemon) [11] , Opposing Sides (Pokemon) [11], Of Bandages and Misunderstandings (Pokemon) [11]

Most Amount of Hits: ....... Prophecy Girl... (Pokemon) [3,473]
 .: 2nd: Bath (D.Gray Man) [1, 869]
  .: 3rd: Angel (Fullmetal Alchemist) [1, 651]

Most Number of C2s Entered: Distant Wishes (D.Gray Man) [3]
.: 2nd: Separation and Reunion (D.Gray Man) [2]
  .: 3rd: Drugged (Pokemon) [1], La Soleil et La Lune (Pokemon) [1], Prophecy Girl (Pokemon) [1], Winter Rabbit (D.Gray Man) [1]

Most Amount of Favourites: Of Bandages and Misunderstandings (Pokemon) [26]
 .: 2nd: Prophecy Girl (Pokemon) [24]
  .: 3rd: Bath (D.Gray Man) [20]

Most Amount of Alerts: Beyond Limitations (Pokemon) [10]
 .: 2nd: Prophecy Girl (Pokemon) [9]
  .: 3rd: Roles Reversal (Pokemon) [7]

This is a sign. I SWEAR. Why the eff does my Pokemon fics get the most of something while the only thing yaoi is good for is entering C2s???

DGM 198 (my version)

Ok. So I was thinking last night: 'I need a new dose of crack'. What better than to go up a new review on DGM right?

So... The LONG awaited post that Kaen and Mido were waiting for...

DGM 198Collapse )

I swear I was only bored. This is written without the help of Pokka Green Tea

[F-Fic] Duke Venomania's Madness 1/??

Disclaimer: Vocaloid Gackpo and Gumi belongs to Internet Co while the rest belongs to Crypton Media
Summary: He made a deal with the Devil to enchant any woman he lays his eyes on. The price comes back in a full circle.
Rating: T... Maybe bump to M

- fail pickup lines
- blandness

Lukarna Octo. Age: 20. Occupation: TailorCollapse )


DGM 197

Because I'm bored and let this be a super lame attempt (again) at another shot at a super dark and angsty chapter

DGM197Collapse )

Ok, fuck this. I'm out of ideas. From a simple commenting review, I blew this into an all-out semiabridged chapter. Man I NEED to stay off YGOTAS

Why so British?

Lol. This is for you. You know who you are B)

I'm here to play cards, and drink tea. And I'm all out of cards

Nothing is as malicious as boiling hot apple tea

There's tea, finally

and damn, out of tea. Again